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This is a list of websites that I often visit and participate on

Help for users of TASCAM Products
Look for me in the 2488,  788, and US-428 forums

A Liberal Blog and a refuge for TASCAM 788 Users
Chris Moore invited me to blog on his main page.  I occasionally share my political opinions.

My Web Host.  Recommended.

Home of Band -in-a-Box
Look for me occasionally in the forums. I'm not there often.  Mods don't do a good job of banning the trash talk

Maker of SONAR and other fine Music Software
Look for me from time to time in the Sonar Forum

University of Pittsburgh Sports Blog
Sports at my Alma Mater

This is a help forum for Slingbox which is a nifty little device that you hook up to your home network router (broadband) and your cable television or satellite.   Once installed you can place shift your home television to any computer on the internet.  

A Support and Information Forum for the Dell Axim PDA.

A forum for Global Position Systems