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All songs on this page are Šopyright 1981 -2011 Keith F. Smith

The Song, Mobile, Alabama, is a song that I wrote nearly a quarter of a century ago.  The lyrics express the depression that I went through following a lost love, and the dawning of a brighter day with a new love. 

Mobile, Alabama


The song
Hollsopple, PA, was written for my sister's 54 birthday, and talks about my memories of growing up in the little town of Hollsopple, Pennsylvania

                                                                                                                Hollsopple, PA


The song The Train Tracks Don't Run Through Souwilpa no More was written prior to my wife Sandra's grandmother's funeral (Ma, who is mentioned in the song).  We were sitting around the table talking about how life changes and everythings that we grew up with eventually goes away.  Sandra started talking about how Souwilpa didn't seem the same since the tracks of the old AT & N railroad had been torn up.  My broher-in-law James commented "Yeah, the train tracks don't run through Souwilpa no more".  I heard a song in there and grabbed my guitar the first chance that I got and wrote most of this in one sitting.  



This time is Really Different was one of my anniversary presents to my wife on our 26 wedding anniversary.  It talks about our wedding at the Hickory Grove Baptist Church and a trip to Niagra Falls that occurred many years after out wedding.

                                                                                      This time is Really Different

                                                                                                                    Our Wedding Day

Bob and Andrew Rhodes's Daughter was a Valentine Day gift to Sandra in 2009.  It also expresses my feelings about my Mother and Father-in-Law, a couple of the nicest people on this earth.

                                                                                                   Bob and Andrew Rhodes's Daughter

                                                                                              Bob and Andrew Rhodes's Daughter